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Nearly 50 percent of Latinos in the metro area do not graduate from high school. This is not a new phenomena. In 1998, I published my master’s thesis which was a plan to retain Hispanic students in secondary education.

The drop out problem for Latino students was a problem then. Not much has changed in many areas across the country. I was able to institute my plan in 2001 and since the inception, a steady progress in graduation rate of Latino students has occurred.

Currently, the graduation rate of Latinos at my high school hovers around 90 percent. LEVAN-TC will take one of the major components of my program and bring it beyond my district’s borders.

-Robert Hanson, LEVAN-TC creator and lead developer

LEVAN-TC is a WEB and mobile app that will serve to strengthen the Hispanic and Latino communities by bringing the resources that exist around them right to their fingertips. LEVAN-TC and Value of 5 are proud to partner in providing a window of opportunities to these communities in the seven counties that make up the Twin Cities Metro Area. The purpose of this mobile app is to foster a relationship between Latino families, schools, businesses, and other organizations and to help shape confident, engaged leaders to influence our Hispanic and Latino communities.

In addition, it will provide Hispanic and Latino families with access to a full mobile application that will provide readily accessible resources to help them identify and navigate employment, health, legal, educational, and social services and opportunities. Additionally, the app provides a full calendar of events including resources, seminars, workshops, and recreational activities of interest to Hispanic and Latino families.


It's hard to promote strong families when there are financial concerns. Unemployment, under-employment, and job-hunting affect and stress the entire family. In line with Value of Five's Core Values and the three main pillars at the heart of DIA Navigator, LEVAN-TC encourages Hispanics and Latinos to access stable, gainful employment by providing links to job opportunities, career-building tips and resources, and helping users on the pathway toward advancing their careers and improving their financial well-being.

Health & Well-Being

LEVAN-TC helps identify hospitals and clinics that work proactively with Hispanic and Latino families; informs users about medical insurance, billing, and their rights as patients; and addresses health concerns that are especially pertinent amongst Hispanics and Latinos, such as drug addiction, tobacco usage, and Type II diabetes.


The legal system can be especially difficult to navigate for members of Hispanic and Latino communities, particularly to new immigrants and non-native English speakers. LEVAN-TC helps alleviate concern and misinformation about the US legal system and connects users to Hispanic and Latino lawyers who understand the nuances of these communities. Given current uncertainty about DACA/DAPA and other matters concerning immigration, special attention will be paid to keeping users informed about their rights amid a changing legal landscape for immigrants and their families.


LEVAN-TC keeps Hispanic and Latino families informed about the wide range of educational resources available to them in our community. The app addresses concerns that may cause confusion amongst newer immigrants, from understanding grading scales to navigating the process of registering for schools. It also helps families understand the differences between public, private, and charter schools so they can make choices that best meet the needs of their students. It will also help identify post-secondary educational opportunities and resources, as well as continuing education resources for adults looking to add new knowledge or competencies to their skillsets.

Social Services

The Social Services category is divided into five sub-categories, connecting users to a wide-range of service and assistance organizations, volunteer opportunities, food pantries, clothing shelves, and emergency response.

Other Resources     

Community building also deals with religion and entertainment. Resources in these areas are included in this section of LEVAN-TC.


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