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Here you'll find resources for adults who want to further their education, learn English, and prepare for the GED

Eight of ten people who need literacy services aren't being reached due to limited program resources or low awareness of community literacy programs.


Adults across Minnesota can access our Adult Literacy Hotline by phone, text or online search to find basic literacy classes in their neighborhood.

Spanish services are offered by phone.

Adult Literacy Hotline


Adult Basic Education (ABE) is available statewide at no cost to adult learners. It is administered through the Minnesota Department of Education.  Licensed teachers provide ABE instruction and are assisted by more than 1,400 trained volunteers.


The ABE services include Adult Diploma, GED, English as a Second Language (ESL or EL), Career Pathways, Family Literacy, Basic Skills Enhancement, Workplace Literacy, and U.S. Citizenship/Civics. Programs are delivered primarily through public school districts, non-profit organizations, some technical colleges, and state and local correctional institutions.

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